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關於我們【About us】


  I still remember how excited I was when I found a job and an apartment in Taipei before I was going to receive my discharge. However, after four years, I grew tired of employment. Thus, in 2008, I went on a four-month English study tour in Australia, which inspired me to build up a business with a former colleague--a computer cram school in Taipei. In the next two years, I worked over 16 hours a day, and almost never took a day off for six months. Finally, because of the symptoms of depression, I left my first business to pursue my dream: to run a B&B.
I have run The No. 42 Seaside Corner B&B for the past six years in Hengchun, my hometown.  Over the years, I have expanded The No. 42 into 17 rooms, each with a unique style and theme. Although the workload is heavy during peak season, I have no doubt that I will be a B&B host for the rest of my life. It takes discipline to be the host, but it is also great fun--my life and work integrate naturally. Because of your support over the past six years, I continue to strive to provide the most attentive service, comfort, and quality living space possible. Thank you very much.


海角42號民宿,將為您準備 Just for Guest
✵ 各種風格的住宿房型供您做選擇及包棟服務
✵ 提供高雄、墾丁、花蓮、清境的專車接駁服務
✵ 代客租賃汽、機車及電動機車和腳踏車
✵ 行程規劃,量身打造,個人或團體-專屬行程
✵ 代辦各種的活動票劵服務
✵ 專業恆春半島深度導覽包車服務
✵ 免費專屬停車場,讓您不必擔心愛車的安全問題

The No. 42 Seaside Corner B&B provides:
✵ Rooms of various styles to be booked either individually or as a block
✵ Shuttles service from Kaohsiung, Kenting, Hualien, and Cingjing Veterans Farm
✵ Car, motorcycle, electric scooter, and bicycle rental
✵ Trip planning services for individuals or groups
✵ Ticket sales for activities in the area in water, on land, or in the air 
✵ Charter service for Hengchun Peninsula with professional guided tours
✵ Free parking in a secure lot